Thursday, April 29, 2010

Best blog post ever- Love is in the Hair – Celebrating Black Love & Natural Hair

From Clutch Magazine- A feature on a blog post.
"In light of the recent negative media commentary concerning black women and
relationships, the creator of the website, Black Girl with Long Hair (a.k.a. BGLH), Leila Noelliste, decided to write a positive post on the subject. Her post consisted of a giveaway asking readers to submit photos of themselves with their significant other and, in keeping with the main theme of the site, their natural hair.

The response was overwhelming, hundreds of pictures (and counting) poured in from women as well as men – BGLH’s post was a success. "
Well over 100 submissions were received from black women, who happen to have natural hair, who are in happy relationships and marriages. All to win a vintage ring? I think not. These women have something to say. Don't believe the hype about the dismal love situation for black women. Love is alive and well for us. ♥!♥

Click here for the original post on Black Girl Long Hair and check out Black Love Poster for the entries that are STILL COMING in.

She also has a Flickr album where you can feel the love come through your screen in a slide show.

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