Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Love & War Masterpeace

Just last week we were talking about how Erykah's music conveys her general admiration and love for black men. She is sympathetic, understanding and honest about men and relationships in her music. Then FairSir asks "Is there a male singer you feel like that about in the industry?" (we're talking R&B and soul here) The little computer hourglass came up in my head as I searched all my musical references for such an artist. I had to toss out Maxwell for Pretty wings (love the song though) and his narrow breadth of topics. I had to toss out practically everyone under the age of 25 lol. And I offered up Anthony Hamilton, Eric Robeson, and Raheem Devaughn. White Dwarfs to Erica's Red Giant star status.

I have thought of a few more since, even smaller stars such as Olu and Omar (in the States), but then the din surrounding Raheem's album release grew to a crescendo and we were delivered "The Love and War Masterpeace". How Funny considering the theme of our blog :-)

I got the album today and began writing this even as I listened to "The Greatness." I still remember "Believe" from his first album, and was struck then by his honesty about the complicated nature of black relationships in our day and age. Now when even blue collar employment can be hard to come by, and the PIC is hot on the heals of our men.

To use this album to carry the Fair in Love analogy further, the war on caring and equitable relationships between us is raging and there are very few people in any segment of the commercial world pulling for us. The media portrays our politicians in their 60s and 70s carrying out public drama with girlfriends and moneys. Our athletes are portrayed as single ballers for life, or white-pilfering adulterers. Even some of our most notable intellectuals are touted more for their views on broken families, than those that are intact. And our artists...

There are actually a ton of artists figting the good fight with marked success in their personal lives, but who have not yet found success supporting their families with their art. I am not sure how Raheem's personal life is panning out, but I hope that the good karma he deserves for his content, is trickling down to his loved ones.

I'm going to share this album with FairSir this evening over dinner (brisket!)

"War crushes and suffocates the love, the intimacy, the
ecstasy. "

Cornel West

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  1. I'd add Kindred to the lovers music list (you said Olu - Olu Dara? If not, him too). Having to rule out the 25 and under crowd is so true and disappointing. I feel it will lead to even more corruption of black love.