Thursday, March 18, 2010

Law of Attraction- Breakthrough!

Last weekend Fair sir and I went to a play by a friend of mine called Breakthrough. We'd purchased our tickets weeks in advance and I personally had digested all of the background info before we went. Basically it was a play about finding what you want in life and getting out of your own way to attain it. All of it. It had a ton of situations exemplified where one can make great achievements despite hardships (such as incest, sexual assault, poverty, and general ignorance).

But the overarching theme that Fairsir and I took away was the law of attraction principals that kept repeating. If you believe it you can achieve it. Princess, in the play, and probably in real life, began attracting her destiny by thinking positively. She had night visitations from a "spirit" who later embodied himself into the future love of her life. He'd provided her guidance and opened her mind to the possibility of finding happiness. When she was ready for it, she found love.

There was also a video montage where people shared their "breakthrough" moments. Fair sir really identified with Princess own breakthrough, as she discussed how being a positive force in the world is sometimes met with undue opposition. Some people just can't identify with a can-do attitude and instead try to bring you back down to their level, where they are comfortable. But if you are a positive person set on achievement, you can't apologize for that achievement, nor temper it to make those around you feel comfortable. We both sat shaking our heads yes as Princess spoke. That's something we have both experienced in the recent past, having taken large steps towards things we want in life. Fair sir is pursuing a Law degree, and I am in the throws of closing on my first home. We have also both lived in several states, and gone off alone in search of more. We've both been successful, and if not, ready to move on from things that are not working.

If I had to define my breakthrough moment, I'd say it happened in late 2004. I decided to move from Boston, to DC (most likely) and begin taking steps to get it done. I enrolled back in graduate school, and I stopped talking about it. I looked up jobs, and apartments, and before I'd even finished school, I'd booked several plane tickets to DC to apartment hunt. Then, in the span of 2 months in 2005, I graduated with web development certification, found an apartment just outside of DC, packed up and left. Alone. I found a job within a week and was moving forward with my life. I'd been doing administrative work in expensive Boston for 3 years, while moonligthing as an artist. I'd also recently had my heart broken, and needed to prepare myself for finding love again. Love manifests in not just romance, but in every day life. I wanted to love things again, like what I was doing for a living, where I lived, and the direction I was headed. And I got all that done in a matter of months while saying little of my plans to anyone. All of this prepared me to meet Fairsir, and buy a home, and find the happiness I have found now.

If these ideas all sound foreign to you, I'd highly suggest you get your hands on the play Breakthrough, so you can see Princess take the right steps in her life. I identified with it, and I was happy to find that Fairsir enjoyed it just as much. He insists it's a Leo thing (he and Princess have that in common). I think it's a make moves thing :-)

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  1. I thought Princess play was great, too. What I got from her breakthrough was that some people have an unwavering belief in themselves, in spite of odds. And that some observers to this confidence become uncomfortable because they don't understand it. But the key is to not be influenced by those that don't understand, and to keep believing anyway because, in the end, all of us have a destiny. Outsiders looking in may try to feed you negative thoughts and doubt, but that reflects their shortcomings more than your own, and you should not be deterred by them.

    I thought it was a super creative play with a wonderful message. Everyone should go check it out.