Saturday, March 13, 2010

How did we Meet? Fair Sir's Version

I had just returned to law school from Summer Break. I didn’t have an apartment yet and was staying with my aunt off Capitol Hill. The Summer Olympics were on and Michael Phelps was kicking ass, that swimming mofo was getting my mind right for the upcoming school year. If he could win all them golds I could amjur one law school course right? Or at least land the baddest chick in the room because I still haven’t amjured that law school course.

Enter: Fair Lady, the baddest chick in the room. But I wouldn’t have been there unless I called my homie and asked him what he was up to that fateful night. It was the first Friday back at school after a long Summer and I knew mad stuff was going on. The homie was like he was going to a homegirls party, but I could roll if I wanted. In fact, if I was gonna roll, I should pick up one of our section mates on the way. I was on my serious back to school mode, books and outlining already, but as it turns out, even Michael Phelps engaged in shennigans. I said Id meet him up there.

I scooped our section mate and we pregamed in the car over some drink (after we arrived at our destination) . I was feelin nice going in. I caught up with the homie who was standing by a couch in VIP. Several women were seated on the couch. My friend was rude so I introduced myself. One of the women, I was struck by her eyes: Hazel, with all the colors of the sea. It was Fair Lady.

I turned my back to do some small talk with my friend. I turned around and saw Fair Lady again. This time she was standing up. Like I said, I was feeling right coming in. It had been a long summer of research and working out. Plus the liquid courage was snaking through my veins from after the pregame session. I really felt like I could talk to anyone in the room. Fair Lady had it going on though. I decided to approach her.

I asked her her name again, and she asked me what mine was again. My name is pretty famous and distinctive: she told me I had a lot to live up to. Indeed. I smiled. She smiled. I asked a couple questions. One word answers. Akward silence. The end. I went over to my homie and was like damn I just got shot down. He said light skin women don’t like light skin men. Scratch that. To be continued.

The party host had a game that was kind of like a scavenger hunt but to complete it you had to engage and barter with other party goers. I guess the prize was some bath salts or something; needless to say I didn’t really give a cot damn about being the victor. I saw Fair Lady assessing the pieces she had collected. I approached her all about business:

“Im looking for such and such do you have it?”

She responds, “No, but I need this and this and…” her hands all in my collection of pieces and what not.

“woe woe woe. Slow up Fair Lady. You are being mad selfish right now. You are going to take all the pieces I have and give me nothing in return. Is that how we do it?”

She says, “I need these and cant help you because I already have matches. There are other people here you can talk to and get pieces from”

I say, “Im talking to who I want to talk to. I don’t want to talk to anyone else.”

I smiled. She smiled. Bingo.

I walked her back to the couch. We sat down, talked about art, activism, law school, and being part Indian. We talked about men, women, boyfriends, girlfriends... We got up and danced. Then came and sat back down. Before we parted I asked for her number and set up our first date. When she left, I told her I was going to call, and she told me that I should.

I called her the very next day. No answer. I didn’t want to leave a message. Man I hate those freaking games about when to call and leave a message etc. Like, should I call at 7:00? No, then Ill seem like I been planning it all day like a lame so no Ill call at 713 or some other randomness.

The next day--to kill time so im not thinking about her all day-- I go watch Tropic Thunder, watch Michael Phelps swim in Beijing, then call her at night. I give it one more go.

She says, “let me call you back”

I’m like I heard that before. 5 minutes later she calls me back. Im so surprised to hear from her I tell her: “Im surprised to hear from you” I go on about “most pretty women” and games and all the bullshit with first meeting someone and following up etc. She was so real and honest and lacking pretension, and you don’t know how beautiful she is, but I do, and I have never met someone, let alone someone so beautiful, where it was just comfortable. Her inner beauty was equal or greater to her outer beauty. We talked for hours on end, day after day.

About a week after I met her I got my own place. We talked so much, and hit it off so well, I found out later Fair Lady had briefly considered the idea of letting me move in with her. Not that it mattered. Past say the first week, either she was at my place, or much more likely, I was at hers. A year and a half later and we are still going strong. She’s my best friend.

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