Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fair Lady's so Sweet

It’s been almost a month now since we’ve been on our no/low sugar diet. It’s pretty tough. If you go down any aisle in the grocery store just about everything there has sugar. It’s ridiculous. Of all the colorful labeling and pretty boxes in the cereal aisle, only Grape Nuts has no sugar, sugar substitute, or high fructose corn syrup. And it’s no trifling amount in the cereals either. It’s a lot of it. “Sweetened w/Honey” may be on the box, but it’s also sweetened with cane juice, sugar, high fructose corn syrup etc…don’t be fooled.

It’s gotten me thinking about how much sugar I used to eat before I started to regulate my intake. My sensitivity to sugar has gone up. If I eat or drink something really sweet, which we sometimes do indulge in after a good week of staying the course, then I really feel the physiological changes. Sugar rush is what they call it. But I hadn’t had one since I was a kid. I’ve even taken to watering down no sugar added juices like Grape Juice because it’s too sweet!

This started out as something I could do to show my support for Fair Lady, but it’s become something of a challenge for me. I want to see if I’m disciplined enough to do it, and also what benefits I may derive from the change of diet.

But it’s hard sometimes. So we definitely encourage each other when we see the other becoming tempted. Just this Saturday we were in Georgetown and she wanted a Bubble Tea and I was like noooo! We both just had our treat for the week, a sweat heat mango cocktail from Eatonville – dope spot if you haven’t been – so she wasn’t about to have a bubble tea if I was drinking Perrier.

Then later that day we began a long overdue cleaning of our apartment and I found a half eaten, tiny Halloween bag of Skittles on my dresser, sweet remnants of earlier days when we would both gorge on sweets from the candy aisle. I was tempted to throw the four or five skittles in my mouth, at least three months old status be damned, when fair lady came to my rescue. I play feigned like I was a nomad at a desert oasis, and we both doubled over in laughter at the absurdity of me eating those old ass Skittles.

And the struggle continues, but we have each others back. We’ll get through it and have fun in the process. I guess that’s what it’s all about.

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