Friday, February 12, 2010

We love each other and that's that.

I looked up the "black" meaning of "fair skin" when I was preparing this site, and these terms were waiting just under it! 

Light Skinded:
A fair skinned African American. May be fair skinned secondary to previous generations of european descent. Fair skinned appearance may also be a result of non-african parentage. more...
Yellow Bone:
A Yellow Bone is the lightest type of light skinned black female. They can often be very rare to see in comparison to other blacks because there are not as many of them in the general black population. They are usually mixed with white, something similar, of multiple races including black, or may just have another race mixed into their family tree which causes them to be very very light. more...
Red Bone:
A Red Bone is a light skinned black female. They are usually just a little bit darker than Yellow Bones( which are the lightest of black females and usually mixed with white, something silimar, or they are extra light due to having mixed race in their family tree)."
Light Skinned Men
"It is sad we have come to the point where we have to discuss light and dark skinned men but honestly, the more questions we ask about the social tones to the different shades of black people, the closer we will get to being successful as a race."


  1. Yeah, Im not a fan of any of those definitions. Theyre not specific nor nuanced enough. And dont even get me started on the use of the word "female" in that context!

    In my experience, people definitions of "light" and "dark" are relative - based upon where they fall in the spectrum. I know that when I think of someone who is "fair-skinned," Im thinking of someone my shade, while others might be thinking of someone darker.


  2. I didn't even "know" it was a term reserved for females! And right, people go throwing descriptors around like brown, yellow, and red, but the interesting thing is indeed, the direction they push based on what they want to be considered.