Monday, February 22, 2010

Love = All Natural Weight Gainer?

I’ve gained 18 pounds since I met Fairlady about a year and a half ago. To be fair I started out at about 170 and at a little over 6 feet tall that’s pretty slim, but gaining almost 20 pounds? It means 3 out of the 5 suits I own I can no longer wear. It also means some of my jeans are ill fitting. Though I must admit, I do like being able to fill out my T-shirts better.

But all that’s beside the point: Why does my family think Fairlady is the best thing since sliced bread because she’s making me fat? My grandmother and cousins and aunts on both sides of the family, first thing they say when they see me is “oohh you look good. It looks like you are filling out”, then, “is that your girlfriend, oh she’s pretty. I like her. She’s taking good care of you" and theeeen, "Better than the last one. You was all skinny and stuff. I knew she wasn't right.”

My married Uncles like her too, as they rub on their huge pot bellies, “Yeah, happened to me too. When I met your Auntie I was skinny. She did this to me.” Great. Not that I haven’t been with nagging women who made me want to disappear, I just don’t think shedding pounds was gradual movement towards the disappearing act, as if my slim self could turn sideways and vanish. Conversely, though my relationship with Fairlady sometimes seems larger than life, I don’t see why my stomach has to be too.

Because real talk, obesity and all the stuff that comes with it is wreaking havoc on our communities. One of my belly rubbing uncles had a triple bypass not too long ago and dude stays active. Whatever it is about love that’s making us menfolk fat is not cool. I’d like to grow old and enjoy this love feeling. I could be overreacting, but at this rate, about 12 pounds a year, I could be four hun at 50. Slippery slope indeed, and most definitely, not a good look.


  1. It's something that we have to pay attention to. It's not a good thing yet we praise it as so. We need to focus on living healthier and instead of up to a social standard.


  2. This is actually a problem that we need to focus on more. We need focus more being healthy instead of praising weight gain to because of a social/cultural standard. Many of us die from weight related issues that are preventable through simple healthy living.

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  4. Stability. The 40 lbs that I have gained and can't seem to get rid of I blame directly on my wife and stability. Regular meals. No food malpractice like I used to undertake as a single person. I am more active than I was when I was single, but I have to carry around this extra. I have two sets of clothes -- My big luther and little luther clothes. I know this because when my wife goes away for a week, I might loose a couple of pounds through not eating regularly or properly as I used to when I was single. Stability is not supposed to kill you.......

  5. We call it good because for the vast stretch of human existence, people have been 'underweight'. Not having a potbelly, means dying when a flood or famine comes. But now, especially due to low activity levels and poor diet, it is becoming a problem. In a certain sense it matters little if you die at 40 as long as you pass on your genes. Heart attacks and strokes and cancer and a whole host of diseases tend to strike later on in life, but a powerful famine or flood could kill anyone without sufficient stored calories.