Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Here are some tid bits I had collected in the "genre"

The site is pretty cool too- Keeping up with the Huxtibles
  • So I go on Black voices and they have a "link" to "Our favorite Couples of All Time" and when you go there it says "sorry - this photo gallery is not available.  would you like to see one of these non-related others?"  just though I'd share- lol
  • LOL- look who owns this URL- sigh....
  • or this one-  
  • OK- WE need to buy all these URL's up before they go away. I think it's a respectable nitch egh?
  • Dear Obama's, Ya'll have a lot of work to do...From
Black love has gotten a bad rap in the past years. It has often been characterized by overly sexual music lyrics, obligatory portrayals of infidelity in movies like box office hit "Notorious," and most recently in the scandal involving just-legal pop stars Chris Brown and Rihanna... more

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