Monday, February 15, 2010

February is special

February is a special feeling month.  We've got Black history month going on, it's a short month, we get those odd winter holidays that seem so miscellaneous.  Like who really knows the history of Valentines day, or Presidents day off top?

For myself- I have a birthday this month as well, and a very special valentine in FairSir.  We also had an entire week at home together to brave the knee deep snow and ice outside in DC.  Amazingly, we did not drive each other crazy couped up in the house for so long.  We even had a few days where we totally acted like children and slept in a literal fort in the living room.  It was a week I'll never forget, during a month I will now never forget.  We had a marvelous Valentines weekend to cap it all off.  "What did we do?" you ask...

We got a very fancy hotel, and reservations at a well know Italian spot.  We had a vacation in our beloved city, and felt very much "away".  We laughed a lot, about just insane things maybe FairSir will write about.  We even debated taking some ill-advised photo's to accompany our imaginative shenanigans.  But no such luck for the reader :-p

But I come away thinking that this February is extra special.  Maybe because I'm still in the moment.  I hear FairSir washing dishes as I "work" (wait till he sees what I was really doing!) and I am avoiding the urge to walk up behind him and hug him right out of doing chores.  I urge all of you in similar "fading moment" situations to keep it going for the rest of the month at least.  Remember what the cards said. Talk about things that you need to talk about. Appreciate that you were with your someone on Sunday, and what they did to show you how they feel. Be happy :-) Make an igloo.

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